Sustainable lifestyle trends for 2021: ‘eco-friendly’ to become the ‘new normal’ – Times of India

Sustainable lifestyle trends for 2021: ‘eco-friendly’ to become the ‘new normal’ – Times of India

As we come towards the end of a significantly disruptive year that has opened our eyes to many of our mistakes and shortcomings, we are also filled with hope, and realisations that can help make major corrective changes, in the year to come. Sustainable and earth conscious life choices has been a significant one, among these. Capgemini Research Institute examined the global awareness about sustainability and its impact in consumer purchasing patterns, and released a report in July this year, to help product and retail organisations understand the changing consumer preferences. The report shows that upto 79% consumers are changing their purchase preferences based on social responsibility, inclusiveness, or environmental impact, while 65% said that they will be more mindful about the impact of their overall consumption in the ‘new normal’. Specifically within the Indian market, the report said: • In the light of COVID-19, 84% of Indian consumers prefer to purchase more locally made/produced products rather than imported/non-local products in the next 12 months

• Over 86% of consumers from India state that buying sustainable products from organisations makes them happy

• Nearly 88% of consumers in India were willing to purchase a more sustainable product once they were made aware of the sustainability issues

• 60% of Indian consumers have actually reduced spending from organisations they perceive as non –sustainable

In the coming months, as we come to terms with the pandemic and adopt healthier, more conscious lifestyle as a population, the above mentioned trends in consumer behaviour are going