Shop Our Staff’s Favorite Environmentally-Friendly Beauty Products – Coveteur

Shop Our Staff’s Favorite Environmentally-Friendly Beauty Products – Coveteur

From poor air and water quality to disrupting ecosystems on basically every last corner of the earth, our use of single-use plastics, irresponsible sourcing, and other manufacturing choices has left us with a huge environmental problem to reckon with in 2021. The beauty industry is one of the biggest culprits in terms of environmental damage, which is why we as beauty consumers have a responsibility to prioritize earth-friendly practices and packaging when we choose where we direct our dollars.

Luckily, subscribing to these principles in no way means that you have to sacrifice quality—in fact, some of our hands-down favorite products across hair, makeup, skin care, and body care are sustainable and recyclable. So if you’re unsure how to get started on greening up your beauty routine, peruse our 12 favorite environmentally friendly products below.


Lesse Regeneration Mist


This moisturizing mist has been a godsend for my dry winter skin! Since working it into my morning and nighttime routine, I’ve noticed a considerable difference in the texture and overall appearance of my complexion. But my high praise doesn’t stop there. In addition to following the eco-friendly ethos of all Lesse products, a tree is planted for every bottle sold, which has me now considering a massive restock…