Online Poker – The Eco-Friendly Alternative – Green Prophet

Online Poker – The Eco-Friendly Alternative – Green Prophet

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The impact of live poker and associated travelling can be reduced by playing more online poker and we look at the possibilities and options players have in the 21st century. 

How Online Poker Can Save the Environment in Comparison to Offline Poker

Poker was originally invented as a game in which math and psychology played an equal part and staring the other guy in the face to figure out what he has was an integral element. This all changed with the invention of online poker, a game that takes much of the personal element out of the game and makes it more about the sheer math and fundamental poker skills. 

The differences between online and live poker are numerous and there are plenty of players who advocate one or the other. However, the one sure thing is that online poker is more eco-friendly and in these time of pandemic it certainly makes more sense for the players to compete while staying well away