5 Eco-Friendly Tips For Continuing Veganuary Into 2021 – Blue & Green Tomorrow

5 Eco-Friendly Tips For Continuing Veganuary Into 2021 – Blue & Green Tomorrow

There are a lot of ways that you can practice an eco-friendlier lifestyle. One way that you can consider being more environmentally responsible is by becoming a vegan. A group of experts from University of Oxford found that veganism is a great way for environmentalists to help the planet.

January is a great month to practice veganism and start lowering your carbon footprint. A lot of vegans have started referring to this month as Veganuary. However, you can practice veganism throughout the year.

Switching to a plant-based lifestyle can actually be more difficult than you previously anticipated, especially if your diet was originally heavy in meat and dairy. But, now that you’ve conquered the biggest Veganuary yet, you might be thinking about making it a more permanent change in your lifestyle. It can be difficult to keep that momentum going, but trust us, stick with it and it will become second nature.

Here, we’ll go through our top eco-friendly tips to keep yourself going even on the laziest Sundays, helping you stick to a fully vegan diet.

1. Find vegan alternatives to your favourite meals

Whether it’s a family favourite to comfort yourself in the evening, or a fun and enjoyable recipe to get stuck into making, there’s a lot to be said for the restorative qualities of good food. But completely changing your diet can make it difficult to continue eating the things you like, especially if you’ve just switched to veganism from a typical omni